Tree huggers, hammocks and what not

Besides the studying desk, where I spend a huge amount of my time reading and perusing books, newspaper clippings and magazine articles, I additionally have two favorite outdoor places where I love being carried away by great works.


Tree bench

The first one would definitely be this specific little tree bench made of stone many decades, if not centuries, ago. I discovered it by surprise close to castle ruins when hiking in the Hunsrück area around Idar-Oberstein/Germany . It is not that I am too big of a tree hugger myself, but sometimes getting out and enjoying the beauty nature has to offer is the best you can do. And that spot has something ethereal about it, so you basically can’t help but bring along a good book that also takes your thoughts back a couple of centuries. The perfect place to indulge in some Shakespeare, Austen, Hawthorne or Poe.

Of course you could also just go there with a group of friends and enjoy a mild afternoon sitting around the tree having great conversations and cold drinks, but trust me: it is a an excellent bench for reading, also because it provides you with cricket-quality quietness.

The next spot, which is my absolute favorite spot in the entire world — not only for reading — is a hammock directly at the beach. Whenever you finish a book you can have the sun tickle your face and daydream about whatever you want, while the hammock carefully rocks you ever so gently between those palm trees. The impressions provided by the surrounding objects – the turqoise shades of the ocean, the bluer than blue sky and the shades of yellow and orange that the sun paints- are priceless.


Hammock in Varadero/Cuba

Just make sure you don’t sling that hammock right under a coconut tree. Full-size coconuts can weigh up to 3 pounds, and can definitely kill you when they fall on your head. So watch out!

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