A safe bet for a suspenseful read

In case you have already finished your summer reading list and are on the lookout for a highly entertaining masterpiece to spice up your quiet hours relaxing in the hammock or in the rocking chair on your porch: this is definitely your go-to-book.wolf lake

I had waited so long for this one to be published. I have read all of John Verdon’s books about the former NYPD homicide detective David Gurney, and all of them were page-turners. Needless to say, expectations were high. So I hastily unwrapped the package, got a cup of joe and hit the sofa.

Could a nightmare possibly be used as a murder weapon? Verdon does a great job again at luring the reader into an intricate plot with many twists and turns. This time, however, Gurney’s wife also plays a more active part in the story, especially in solving the puzzle in the end. This adds to the tension and the drama of the storyline, and the reader also gets to know Gurney from a different angle.

Honestly, this book is a great, entertaining read, with a fantastic focus on psychological mind games you would not want to miss. It definitely stands out from all of the run-of-the-mill crime stories that are available on the market. My expectations were met, if not surpassed. I strongly recommend this thriller to anyone who enjoys breathtaking and intelligent crime stories.