For parents: Dan Brown’s Origin


I am grateful to Netgalley and Doubleday Books who have just provided me with a sneak peak at Dan Brown’s new thriller Origins which will be published worldwide by Doubleday on Oct 3. The English version that is. All my German readers can purchase a German translation published by Bastei Lübbe from Oct. 4.

So what can I say about Brown’s new work? Two words: simply genius.

Dan Brown delivers yet another page-turner by giving his readers a Robert Langdon story that may be predictable in pattern, agreed, but is so suspenseful and skillfully crafted in the beginning that you will find it extraordinarily hard to put down. He gives you mystery and suspense in appealing settings from page one, adds an intriguing mix of topics such as art, religion and science, while establishing a villain (former Langdon student-turned-scientist-wunderkind-futurist) set to not only shake the world’s pillars, but to shatter them.

From what I have read today, Origins has got everything a book needs in order to be a bestseller, and maybe a bit more. So I can absolutely see this Langdon story surpass all his other novels in terms of success. If he keeps the suspense up throughout the book, and keeps luring the reader into the story in his well-known manner, then yes, I won’t hesitate to say that this will be Dan Brown’s biggest hit so far!

Honestly, I can hardly wait to see how the story unfolds. And I’ll bet that if you have not been enjoying Dan Brown’s writing so far, he will definitely succeed in mesmerizing you with this one!

Description by the publisher: 

Whoever You Are. 
Whatever You Believe. 
Everything Is About To Change.

The stunningly inventive new novel from the world’s most popular thriller writer.


© Doubleday

By the way: for all of my readers who happen to be Dan Brown fans as well: mark your calender on Saturday,  Oct 14!  At 7 p.m. you will have the chance to see Dan Brown live at the Frankfurt bookfair where he’ll personally introduce his new thriller to the audience!