To deny or not to deny — that shouldn’t be the question

20170923_152823There is no use denying climate change. It is high time we, as a global community, stop having discussions about whether there is such a phenomenon or not, and start figuring out how to cope with its disastrous consequences and keep the perils for future generations at bay. All the reports are in: it’s real and it calls for clear-headed and quick action on a global scale. Why is there such a thing as global warming and what can you do better in your daily life to limit the impact of human made climate change?

The first step here, as in many other cases, is: educate yourself. Read up on the topic, ideally using a variety of different sources.

For those of you who never really worried too much about it and feel like they couldn’t really explain to their kids how it is all connected, here is my recommendation for you: Climate Change by HRH The Prince of Wales, Tony Juniper and Emily Shuckburgh which was published a couple of months ago by Penguin in its Ladybird Expert Series. It has an array of interesting illustrations by Ruth Palmer and  helps you get up to speed on the topic so you can answer many questions your children may ask you and have meaningful and informed conversations about the topic, because sooner or later they will come to you for answers.

This 52-page publication offers a lot of insight and background information from threats to people where they live, to freak weather disruptions, to past and present changes in carbon dioxide to solutions in areas such as forresting, food, farming, energy and my favorite point: new opportunities and improved quality of life.

As some of you may know, HRH Prince Charles of Wales has been fighting to raise awareness of climate change for years and decided to team up with experts in the field to publish an appealingly condensed, yet insightful, book on the topic, which serves as a „simple plain English guide to the subject“, as HRH himself puts it.

Now, Ladybird books were originally published by Penguin to educate children on certain topical issues, but lately the publisher has been marketing a couple of Ladybird Expert publications targetted at a grown up audience as well.

I got the book in January this year and I have been meaning to write about it ever since, because it serves as a really useful insight into the bigger picture of it all, the challenges we are facing in tackeling this huge problem that is right in our face, as well as into understanding the long-term consequences. I am glad I got around to introducing this book now and hope that it helps some of you to better explain to your kids what climate change is all about.

Whether you purchase it for yourself or for your teenagers — your money is well spent as the royalties from the sale will go to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation.

FYI: Yes, it is a coffee stain in the top left corner! The practically sized book traveled with me quite a bit and unfortuntely one of my travel mugs leaked a little drop of cappuccino one day…