Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing!

I am a fast talker. I have always been. Binge-watching Gilmore  Girls has of course also not helped much, but then again: I do NOT believe that talking fast is necessarily a problem. It may occasionally cause awkward situations, yes, but at the end of the day it only poses a problem for people who aren’t as fast as you are — and most of my friends luckily don’t fall into this specific category. More often than not, talking fast adds quite a lot of fun to your life.

Needless to say, I had Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can on my reading list for a couple of weeks, and as soon as my winter break was over and  I was commuting back and forth to work again, it would be my first go-to book. My expectations were fairly high and what can I say: I did not get disappointed!

I have quite a long commute to begin with, and given the weather conditions here in January it can last up to well over two tedious hours. But reading this highly entertaining biography made it feel like being on a train ride with my best friend. Lauren Graham picked a great tone for writing about her experiences and anecdotes and her sense of humor is not only contagious, but pretty uplifing, too. Her overall entertaining personality sparkles on almost every page.

Graham’s biography is hard to put down: part behind-the-scenes descriptions and lively anecdotes from the sets of the shows she has been a part of, part personal achievements as well as experiences in the world of acting, peppered with just the right dose of humor. I absolutely loved her hilarious takes on many of the seemingly necessary but somehow also weird parts of our modern lives (smartphones, tattoos, etc.), and Old Lady Jackson is just wonderful.

Another aspect that I would like to highlight about the engaging book is that Graham succeeds in turning the lessons she has learned so far into useful advice for her readers. This in combination with her sense of humor and the myriad of detailed yet appealing references to popular culture put Graham’s biography into a class of its own.

An exhilarating and inspiring read — not just for Lauren Graham and/or Gilmore Girls fans. Do yourself a favor and get this book as it really is worth every single penny you’ll spend on it. It will be one of the best books you’ll read this year. I promise.

And I hope she will keep writing, keep writing, keep writing.