Te Quiero, Yo Te Quiero


This is a super adorable bilingual book for tiny little loved ones. I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak is attractively illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church, and is a perfect means to introduce your baby to unconditional love. It has a sturdy cover and pages that can be wiped clean and are a bit thicker, which is perfect for small hands. Super cute and loved, loved, loved in our household!


¡Aprende con Caillou!

caillouLearning languages is easiest when you are young and unafraid of making mistakes. Many couples are now raising their children bilingually, even if they are both native speakers of one and the same language, because it has been scientifically proven that bilingual people are not only more creative but also more successful in life.

I received a copy of this great First Spanish Word Book by Chouette Publishing, and I must say: what a coinkidink! Spanish – English. That fits our family like a glove.

A colorful and fun way for very young ones to learn their first Spanish expressions. If your kids are raised bilingually, then this adorable dictionary is a must-have. Basic words for situations the kids are already familiar with are beautifully illustrated, so that the kids want to use the newly-acquired chunks of vocabulary when exploring the pages. In case no Spanish native speaker should be around, a pronunciation guide offered for download by the publisher can be consulted. Caillou’s word book is highly recommendable!

¡Que te diviertas!