I know it is summer, but let’s talk about spring!

We are at the beginning of August, but the weather feels like we are somewhere at the end of October. Unbelievable. The summer of 2016 is the most un-summer summer that I have ever experienced. And that is quite a statement in as much as I have seen many summers already. BefoIvyre I get carried away though and let you know how many summers exactly, I would really like to introduce you to this magical work of art about spring.

Nothing feels as good as these first warm sun beams that hit your skin after a long winter. Nothing beats the moment of nature waking up and coming back to life with all shades of green available. Nothing captures this feeling more than this book. I have to admit, I have just fallen in love with a copy of Ivy in Bloom — The Poetry of Spring from Great Poets and Writers of the Past which was written by Vanita Oelschlager and published by VanitaBooks, LLC.

Ivy in Bloom is simply marvelous! What a genius idea to use lines from the works of amazing poets and writers and create this magnificent children’s book with them! It is sheer joy and beauty. The illustrations by Kristin Blackwood are absolutely lovely! The bibliography lures children and grown-ups alike into the world of poetry. I am so glad I came across this precious publication.  Not only will teachers of the English language enjoy this book (with or without their kids!), but I hope that also many children will be inspired by the book to be creative with language.