December Give-Away #3: A Promised Land

It is Sunday again, so it’s time for my third give-away for this holiday season. Today I am giving away two copies of Barack Obama’s bestselling memoir A Promised Land! [Unpaid ad]

It is not a children’s book as some of you may rightly point out. True. But it is also true that it does serve as an inspiration to you and your kids to see where curiosity and an early instilled love of reading can lead. The memoir beautifully shows that you need to dream big and never give up hope, and that democracy is a work in progress that needs everyone’s dedication and involvement, day by day.

But I did find refuge in books. The reading habit was my mother’s doing, instilled early in my childhood–her go-to move anytime I complained of boredom […] or when I had to accompany her to the office because she didn’t have a babysitter. Go read a book, she would say. Then come back and tell me something you learned.

Barack Obama, A Promised Land

Part of the argument I made to Michelle before running for president was that if I pulled it off, kids all over the world would see themselves and their possibilities differently. And that alone would be worth it.

Barack Obama, A Promised Land

The memoir is such a treasure. Not only is it uplifting and superbly written, but also an endless source of inspiration on many levels. To put it simply, it will provide you with one of the most enjoyable reading experiences of the year. So don’t miss out on your chance to win one of the two copies here! I’ll add a lovely owl-shaped bookmark for each winner, because even though A Promised Land is hard to put down, it also has 751 pages. So you will probably need to take breaks every now and then.

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International Give-Away: The Truth Pixie Goes to School


I will always remember last year’s Frankfurt Bookfair for the very many special moments I had with a variety of people and the myriad of outstanding books I got to discover. One of the coolest moments was receiving a copy of Matt Haig’s magnificent The Truth Pixie a week before it was published here in Germany. As we are approaching this year’s Frankfurt Bookfair (can you even believe it is less than 2 weeks away?), I would like to spread some joy myself by giving away a copy of the recently published Truth Pixie Goes to School which is –just like the first Truth Pixie book– a real gem. The link will take you to the review I wrote last year, and honestly, the Matt Haig/Chris Mould combo is every parent’s dream come true when it comes to brilliant children’s books. [unpaid ad / link]

This time around, Aada and her truth pixie have to go to a new school, and as if finding friends in this situation wouldn’t be hard enough already, the pixie’s telling the truth sure isn’t helping. Pixie stands up to Leena, the bully, who says mean things about her:

„The truth about you,

I can explain fully:

You’re being a nasty,

Insecure bully.

You pick on others

To make you feel better,

which is trying to dry

By getting even wetter.“  Matt Haig, The Truth Pixie Goes to School

so Aada a little later on denies their friendship because she so desperately wants to fit in. The pixie overhears the conversation with Leena and decides to leave Aada. Pixie returns to her home but she doesn’t feel comfortable around her brother Cyril who turned into a lie pixie, or the many elves and trolls he hangs out with. She ends up hurting a troll’s feelings by telling the truth, which in the end leaves her wondering whether she is just as nasty a person as Leena. Missing Aada terribly, she asks her old friend Father Christmas for help. Can he bring the two friends back together again? How is Aada faring without her pixie friend by her side?

This beautiful story will hit home with everyone who has a kid in school and has to deal with the nasty reality of bullying. It often is so hard to find the right words to support your kid in dealing with bullies, and absolutely heartbreaking to see your child go through tough times with intimidating people in school. Yet again, Matt Haig skillfully

„wraps it all into a fabulous story. [He] presents his uniquely compelling rhymes, partly sad, partly humorous so very charmingly and frames them with the unequivocally brilliant pictures by Chris Mould.“  (Me about The Truth Pixie, 2018)

Therefore The Truth Pixie Goes to School also reigns amongst the books that every student should have on their nightstands, because it will provide them with the most powerful bit of truth there is to know for a young person: the best thing you can be in this world is your one true self.  It is okay to be you, which kids nowadays cannot be told often enough.

I would like to enocurage all educators, social workers and librarians to make these wonderful 122 pages published by Canongate Books Ltd. available in your institutions so that as many kids as possible have access to this powerful book. You can order a copy at your favorite bookstore with ISBN 978-1-78689-826-5 or you can win a copy of this incredible book for a school kid in need of a heartwarming story like this one? Here is how to join the give-away:



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Terms & Conditions: The contest’s duration is October 4 – October 13, 2019. Entries close at midnight (CET) on October 13, for all comments here or on instagram. Prize (1 hardcover) will be sent by mail. Participants from any country are eligible. Void where prohibited. The lucky winner will be selected at random using a random number generator and will be informed by email or direct message on October 14, 2019.

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This Christmas the Truth Pixie will mend our hearts


The Truth Pixie, Canongate

A good rule of thumb for parents when it comes to Christmas presents is the following: „Something they want and something they need, something to wear and something to read.“ So if you should still be pondering about what to get this year, specifically in this last category, you have just come to the right place: Matt Haig’s new book The Truth Pixie is your best choice! He takes the emotional chaos caused in a young person dealing with the feeling of loneliness, the ubiquitous urge to belong, and the desperate need to make sense of this life and wraps it all into a fabulous story. Matt Haig presents his uniquely compelling rhymes, partly sad, partly humorous so very charmingly and frames them with the unequivocally brilliant pictures by Chris Mould. The Truth Pixie is a book that everybody should read at least once in their lifetime, because it is very much like a burst of unexpected sunshine that brings light into little hearts and powerfully warms the ice-filled hearts of the modern adult.

Poor Pixie lives in a far away land of eternal winter and can’t help telling the truth whenever she speaks. Thus she angers friends and family who in the long run stay away. The only companion she is left with is Maarta, the mouse, who lives in her hair. Pixie tries to avoid contact with others, in order not to hurt their feelings when speaking the truth. But she feels sad, lonely and frustrated, because she doesn’t want to be that kind of person. One day, a series of events including a rabbit and a slightly angry, gigantic troll catapults her to Helsinki, where she encounters Aada, a young girl who has a gloomy outlook into the future. Pixie again answers the girl’s questions with the painful truth, but also sees the need to provide the girl with „a ladder of words, for Aada to climb“ out of her dark spot.

The book succeeds in skillfully sending the message that everything’s gonna be alright. There’s gotta be some bad days so you can appreciate the good times. Matt Haig delivers an absolutely adorable and sincere effort to help young kids to develop confidence as well as resilience, and quite frankly creates a must-have book — also for grown-ups.

Chris Mould, ‚the inky genius‘, adds outstanding illustrations to this absorbing story and helps to lure you into the „place where snow falls all the year.“ The contrast of light and darkness, of good days and bad days, of happiness and sadness is so perfectly captured in the pictures, the faces so endearingly drawn, that you just want to crawl into the book and comfort the characters or snuggle up with Aada and the Pixie on the last page.

Sure, there’s a myriad of great children’s books out there, but if you are looking to give your kids a meaningful present to last them a lifetime, make sure to get them a copy of this heartwarming gem. I promise you neither you nor your children will be disappointed with these 119 exceptionally enjoyable pages. 

The Truth Pixie will be out on October 18 (ISBN 978-1-78689-432-8) and should be read to any citizen of this planet who is older than 3.

{Werbung, unbezahlt}


For parents: Notes on a Nervous Planet


That’s how I like my books:
gorgeous on the outside,
smart and relevant on the inside!

Matt Haig’s Notes on a Nervous Planet is today’s recommendation and is suitable for parents, educators and teenagers alike. Are you looking to cut down on your own overuse of social media? Would you like to help someone with their social media addiction or who struggles with mental health in a world that has excess of everything? Have you ever wondered how it is still possible to live in the present moment? Do you want to have educated discussions on the topics of social media, mental health and stress?

Well, look no further, since Haig’s book is the one that will help you with all of the above and so much more. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable, honest and informative read that will certainly have you contemplating your own behaviour and instantly provide you with coping mechanism and shaping tools for your best life possible. Unquestionably, it’s a brilliant read for any citizen of this planet, really, since we could all use more kindness, more empathy and more positivity in our lives.

„When anger trawls the internet,
Looking for a hook;
It’s time to disconnect,
And go and read a book.“

Matt Haig

I guess it is safe to say that this is the best non-fiction book you can get your hands on this summer! Notes on a Nervous Planet was published a little over a week ago by Canongate Books Ltd. and can be ordered everywhere with ISBN 978-1-78689-267-6.