Black History Month: Give-Away

[Unpaid ad] Happy Black History Month! I am celebrating this year’s Black History Month with a give-away of this must have: Barack Obama’s Of Thee I Sing, which is an extraordinarily beautiful and impressive letter to his daughters. It’s a sensationally illustrated and heartwarming children’s book about what it means to be American and which characteristics unite the nation.
The stunning illustrations by Loren Long and the tender text by 44 make this treasure one of my favorite children’s books. It is nothing short of outstanding, and even though it has already been published back in 2010 it remains in my top ten category of remarkable kids’s books on American values. Absolutely inspiring! ❤

We own the first edition of the hardcover book which was published by Alfred A. Knopf / Random House Children’s Books in 2010. I came across a soft cover version the other day, published by Penguin UK, which I am giving away to one lucky winner.

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Charles Darwin

[Unpaid ad] Look at this stunningly beautiful new addition to our Little People, Big Dreams collection! Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara takes you and your little co-reader back to Charles Darwin’s lifetime.

We get to know about little Charles’s natural curiosity and how questioning things ran in the family. After his studies he takes us on board the HMS Beagle with him as he joins a scientific expedition to wonderful places such as Brazil and the Galápagos Islands. We learn how Darwin – after several years of research – discovered the process of ’natural selection‘, ended up publishing his book On the Origin of Species and became one of the most influential naturalists of all time. As usual, you can also find a facts and photo section at the back of book.

So far, this is one of most inspiring titles of the series and sparks joy on so many levels, not least to the uplifting message it sends and the brilliant illustrations by Mark Hoffmann. From the stunning cover, to the childhood scene where he reads with his father, to observing mockingbirds on the Galápagos Islands: this book is a must have for all kids!

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
not the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

– Charles Darwin

So looking at this global pandemic with its multitude of effects on all of us and the constant need to change and adapt to new situations, I have to say that this book, published by Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, comes at the right time for little readers.

The German edition is due to be published on January 26 this year, so you just need to be patient for a little while longer. Don’t forget to mark your calenders though, German readers!

Now, for all of you who can’t wait to get your hands on this gem and want to give the English edition a try: listen up! I am giving away a copy to a lucky winner!

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Happy German Unity Day

Ich hoffe, ihr habt einen schönen Tag der deutschen Einheit ❤ [unpaid ad]

Habt ihr Mit dem Ballon in die Freiheit schon mit euren Kindern entdeckt? Kristen Fulton erzählt in ihrem Buch von der im Jahr 1979 geglückten Flucht der Familien Wetzel und Strelzyk, denen es in der Tat gelang, mit einem selbstgebauten Ballon über die innerdeutsche Grenze zu fliehen. Bedrückend und beeindruckend zugleich packt einen die Geschichte und die unglaublich atmosphärischen Illlustrationen von Torben Kuhlmann fesseln auch die kleineren Leser ab der ersten Seite.

Ganz großartig fand ich die Informationsseiten am Ende, die den Kindern neben Infos zur Ballonfertigung und Ballonmaterial auch durch Hintergrundwissen u.a. zum Kalten Krieg und der Berliner Mauer sowie Fluchtversuchen wichtigen historischen Kontext liefern.

Mit dem Ballon in die Freiheit (ISBN 978-3-473-44719) ist in der deutschen Fassung bereits 2019 beim Ravensburger Verlag erschienen. Übersetzt wurde Kristen Fultons Geschichte, die im Original unter dem Titel Flight for Freedom: The Wetzel Family’s Daring Escape from East Germany bei Chronicle Books erschienen ist, von Jakob Hein.

Ein wunderbarer Buchschatz für alle ab 5 Jahren.


December Give-Away #4: Other Words for Home


Put simply, you just have to read this book. You have no choice. Jasmine Warga’s Other Words for Home is one of the most powerful refugee stories recommended for 8-12-year-olds that I have encountered in the past months. I found myself drawn into the story told in verse right from the first page and it keeps going strong throughout the six parts: Changing – Arriving – Staying – Hoping – Growing – Living. It is a stunningly beautiful poetic novel, with a flow and melody that will linger for a long time after you read the last page. [Unpaid ad]


Our town used to be

a place for people to laugh and enjoy

all the things that unite them like

family and sunshine and the sea and good food.

Not the things that divide them like

opinions and political loyalties.


But now everyone wants to know

where you stand.

What you think.

What you believe.

— Warga, Other Words for Home

Never would Jude have imagined that things would get so dangerous and out of hand in her hometown that she would even have to leave her country Syria, her father and older brother behind to move to the US together with her mum. She finds, however, that her love for American movies – especially those starring Julia Roberts – have not really prepared her for the loud and fast lifestyle and struggles to find a new home and a new identity. She always heeds her older brother’s words to „be brave“ and so overcomes challenges in high school. She even auditions for her new school’s musical.

This must-read story, published by Balzer + Bray in 2019, has 332 pages which are followed by a glossary of Arabic words, which I found extremely useful, as well as an author’s note and her acknowledgements. I would like to share with you what Jasmine Warga says about her own book in the author’s note:

We’re in a period of human history where empathy is needed more than ever. As the mother of two little girls, I’m constantly trying to teach them the idea that no one ever grows poor from giving. That sharing what you have does not make what you have worth any less. I guess that’s what this book is really about — the ever-growing need for generosity. And generosity is really just another word for love. So let’s work on giving more love to others as well as to ourselves.            — Jasmin Warga

I have decided to give away two copies of Warga’s masterpiece in my 4th give-away this December, because we need more gorgeous books like this on our children’s bookshelves. As Jason Reynolds puts it: „This is a necessary story. We’re lucky to have it in the world.“ We are lucky indeed, and I am also more than happy to share this powerful read with the world.

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International Give-Away: Herbie’s Big Adventure


Herbie’s Big Adventure by Jennie Poh is one of our favorite fall books of all time. Ever since it was published in 2016 by Curious Fox, an imprint of Capstone Global Library Limited, we have had a copy on our shelf and we keep recommending it as much as we can. Not only is it a fantastic story about courage, growth and adventure, it is also so gorgeously illustrated that you will find it hard to put it down again. [Unpaid ad]

Herbie’s mum decides that it is time for Herbie, the little hedgehog, to go and explore the world on his own. He doesn’t really want to leave, but with mum’s words of encouragement and the energy of a whirling westerly wind he is swept into his first foraging adventure. The wind takes him deep into the forest and Herbie enjoys rummaging for food, playing with the leaves on the ground and exploring his surroundings. But he has a hard time finding a place to sleep that resembles the coziness of his mother’s arms.

This truly wonderful book, suitable for readers aged three and up, sends the message to young kids that they are braver than they think. In our day and age an essential bit of wisdom that kids can’t be told often enough. You can order your copy (ISBN 978-1-68446-092-2) at your favorite local bookstore, or even better: win a copy of this fabulous children’s book here.


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THANK YOU Capstone for making this Give-Away possible by letting me have an extra copy of Herbie’s Big Adventure! ❤


Brilliant Bookfair Find: Owen and the Soldier



This truly incredible book is another one of my fabulous bookfair finds from this year’s Frankfurt Bookfair, and I have to admit that it has been a while since a story tugged at my heartstrings the way this one did. I read Lisa Thompson’s Owen and the Soldier on the train on my way home from work the other day and it had tears rolling down my cheeks by chapter ten. It is such a powerful and cleverly designed story about loss and loneliness, about courage and rememberance that it will stay with you for long after you finished the last sentence. [Unpaid ad]

Owen doesn’t like speaking in public and panics whenever he needs to say something in class. He doesn’t have anyone to talk to, and we learn that his mother is depressed. At home there is just the two of them. She seems distant and relies on Owen to take care of her. It so happens that he finds comfort in conversations he has with a crumbling stone soldier in the local park. Unfortunately, the town council want to remove the old stone soldier. Can Owen save the soldier or is it too late?

Short -87 pages in total- but with many layers, this emotional tale covers a multitude of themes while all the while being super-readable and thought-provoking. A brilliant read for 8- to 10-year-olds that shows them the power of poetry and the importance of fighting for what you believe in.

Here is the introductory paragraph to give you an idea of Thompson’s lovely flow:

Everyone has a secret, dont they? Not a big fat secret like they robbed a bank or they poisoned their grandma by accident. But small secrets. Something people keep hidden deep inside, hoping it would never bubble up their throat and burst out their mouth for everyone to hear.

-Lisa Thompson, Owen and the Soldier

The book in the picture above (ISBN 97-1-78112-865-7) shines with a stunning cover image by Mike Lowery and was published by Barrington Stoke in 2019.  Owen and the Soldier should be read in every classroom and copies of it should be available to as many students as possible. So if your school doesn’t already have some copies on the library’s shelves, this would be a perfect time to order your copies.




Win a Pip and Posy adventure



To this day, Pip and Posy’s adventures remain one of our favorite series in the children’s book sector. Axel Scheffler’s cute characters are so adorable and most of all, extremely relatable for the kids. Not a single day goes by that we don’t spend time with at least one of the many books. {Unpaid ad}

We own copies of the books in German, English and Spanish and love them all dearly. So today, in order to spread some joy, I am giving away a new copy of Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle. Lovely story with a great message that accidents like these happen to all of us, but a good friend will always have your back in situations like these.

All you have to do in order to win is leave a comment on this blog post or the respective instagram post.


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Have a great start into your weekend! ❤


Give-away of Frog in Love


Ahh… December. Nothing beats gifting books in this most festive month of the year! The German Christmas books of last week’s give-away were sent out and should be in the hands of the lucky winners. So today, on this lovely second Sunday of December, I am -just like I promised- giving away two copies of Max Velthuijs fantastic Frog in Love. {Give-away/Adv.}

How do you know you’re in love? What does it feel like? Frog feels funny and doesn’t know what is going on with him until Hare, after hearing about the symptoms, reads up in a book and figures out that Frog is in love. But as soon as he runs into Pig on his way home, Frog encounters problems:

„I’m in love with the pretty, nice, lovely white duck!“ „You can’t be,“ said Pig. „A frog can’t be in love with a duck. You’re green and she’s white.“ But Frog didn’t let that bother him.

Can they be happy together despite what others think? How can he let Duck known that he’s in love with her? Will Duck figure out who sends her paintings and flowers? Can Frog impress her by jumping high, right up to the clouds?

An endearing story and lovely, colorful illustrations keep us coming back to this wonderful story again and again. Frog in Love is one of our favorite books about love not knowing boundaries. We hope you will enjoy it just as much as we do.

Published by Andersen Press in 1989, Velthuijs‘ timeless story was brought back in this paperback edition in 2014 and is hard to beat in its beauty, message and charm.


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This Christmas the Truth Pixie will mend our hearts


The Truth Pixie, Canongate

A good rule of thumb for parents when it comes to Christmas presents is the following: „Something they want and something they need, something to wear and something to read.“ So if you should still be pondering about what to get this year, specifically in this last category, you have just come to the right place: Matt Haig’s new book The Truth Pixie is your best choice! He takes the emotional chaos caused in a young person dealing with the feeling of loneliness, the ubiquitous urge to belong, and the desperate need to make sense of this life and wraps it all into a fabulous story. Matt Haig presents his uniquely compelling rhymes, partly sad, partly humorous so very charmingly and frames them with the unequivocally brilliant pictures by Chris Mould. The Truth Pixie is a book that everybody should read at least once in their lifetime, because it is very much like a burst of unexpected sunshine that brings light into little hearts and powerfully warms the ice-filled hearts of the modern adult.

Poor Pixie lives in a far away land of eternal winter and can’t help telling the truth whenever she speaks. Thus she angers friends and family who in the long run stay away. The only companion she is left with is Maarta, the mouse, who lives in her hair. Pixie tries to avoid contact with others, in order not to hurt their feelings when speaking the truth. But she feels sad, lonely and frustrated, because she doesn’t want to be that kind of person. One day, a series of events including a rabbit and a slightly angry, gigantic troll catapults her to Helsinki, where she encounters Aada, a young girl who has a gloomy outlook into the future. Pixie again answers the girl’s questions with the painful truth, but also sees the need to provide the girl with „a ladder of words, for Aada to climb“ out of her dark spot.

The book succeeds in skillfully sending the message that everything’s gonna be alright. There’s gotta be some bad days so you can appreciate the good times. Matt Haig delivers an absolutely adorable and sincere effort to help young kids to develop confidence as well as resilience, and quite frankly creates a must-have book — also for grown-ups.

Chris Mould, ‚the inky genius‘, adds outstanding illustrations to this absorbing story and helps to lure you into the „place where snow falls all the year.“ The contrast of light and darkness, of good days and bad days, of happiness and sadness is so perfectly captured in the pictures, the faces so endearingly drawn, that you just want to crawl into the book and comfort the characters or snuggle up with Aada and the Pixie on the last page.

Sure, there’s a myriad of great children’s books out there, but if you are looking to give your kids a meaningful present to last them a lifetime, make sure to get them a copy of this heartwarming gem. I promise you neither you nor your children will be disappointed with these 119 exceptionally enjoyable pages. 

The Truth Pixie will be out on October 18 (ISBN 978-1-78689-432-8) and should be read to any citizen of this planet who is older than 3.

{Werbung, unbezahlt}