The Important Likes in Life

Yes, it is true. We all want to be liked. There is no doubt about the uplifting power of  being liked, the invigoration that fills you up once you feel approval. How do you know, however, whose approval to look for? What are the important likes in life? Liked.png

My recommendation today gives you a glimpse into this seemingly complex dilemma. I have been waiting for a while now to share this review of Kari Kampakis’ amazing book with you. In August, I had the chance to read a copy provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing and I instantly thought that the world needs to hear more about Kampakis’ work. Now, three months and a hate-filled, social media driven showdown of the presidential election later, this book seems to come in ever more handy, especially for many who try to make sense of some the social media nonsense out there. Where do we go from here?

As of November 15, 2016 Liked. Whose approval are you living for? is available and it definitely deserves your attention. Whether you are a parent looking for guidance in this matter, a worried father looking for a perfect book to give his teenage daughter for Christmas, or a social worker helping young girls who struggle with the pressure social media seems to constantly put them under: Liked is the book I can highly recommend to you.

So whose approval should you look for, should you live for? Why does the like button on Facebook, for example, put teenage girls under so much pressure? How can they escape this vicious circle of leading a fake online life in order to get as many likes as possible and feel popular? Kari Kampakis delivers a beautiful and tender guideline on how to be true to yourself and God, and not to make wrong decisions based on other’s opinions. She offers valuable insight into how to live in and make meaning of a largely mean world by using the Christian faith as a solid foundation for orientation.

I honestly loved reading every single chapter in this book. The author uses real stories to embed her suggestions into a context that teenage girls can relate to, and thus creates a compelling voice that speaks to the target group just as much as to each and every mother’s heart. She provides questions for discussions at each chapter’s end and makes sure that the girls contemplate about the true meaning of identity, confidence, kindness, commitment, etc.

An eye-opening must-read for young girls who are seeking a purposeful way of using social media, want to mature spiritually, and also increase their confidence. A book parents should put on their reading lists as well, as it offers meaningful discussion starters in the family setting on what really is important in life, and how the Bible can help you understand what it means and feels like to be truly liked and truly loved. Bravo!

This book is going to be the perfect Christmas gift for many teenage girls, their mothers and also some social workers that I know.