Yoga for kids

Yes, I know, I was offline for too long, but hey — I am back. I have been crazy busy for a while now, but you will be happy to learn that I also got a little bit of reading done!  Thus,  I can start recommending some of the books from the past weeks now. I will start off with a yoga book for kids which is very cute, indeed.

Now I have taken some yoga classes myself, but to be honest, I never really made it a lifestyle. I am going to admit that this might change now. Here is my review:

cover93338-mediumWatkins Publishing kindly provided me with a copy of the refreshing book Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies – A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure, which will be published on September 13.

I have to admit that this book is really marvelous.  Jaime Amor does a wonderful job of combining lovely underwater world illustrations with the colorful photos of her yoga poses. The photos and the corresponding explanations make it really easy to copy the moves and get into a bit of a routine after a short while. Amor motivates kids to try out yoga and somehow gets them to stick to it. They keep on playing around with the poses by pretending to be Tommy the Turtle, or Mimi the Mermaid, or other characters that are introduced in the story. The book serves as an entertaining starting point for little ones to discover the world of yoga, delivers lots of ideas for expanding the story and thus taps further into children’s creativity. This somehow makes the publication stand out from the myriad of others on the market.

The combination of yoga moves with the important message about standing up for yourself and not giving in to bullies is powerful and kids remember it. The cute story about Norris “the best baby sea horse you ever did see” helps kids to get into a flow and finishes with relaxation and affirmations so kids get to understand the power of thoughts. They learn how to be confident and at the end also how important it is to tell grown-ups about bullying that they themselves or their friends are exposed to or even witness.

Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies is a truly enjoyable learning experience for both children and parents. Besides the beautiful illustrations and the idea of the I Love Me Club I also appreciated the fact that a guideline for parents was added at the end of the book. So no grown up has to shy away from experiencing this yoga adventure together with their kids just because they might feel overwhelmed by poses they don’t know. Highly recommendable!